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    4 Knit And Crochet Hats You Can Still Make For March For Science

    Felt left out at the Women’s March without a pussyhat? Here's another chance to show solidarity at March for Science on April 22, 2017. Check out these hat ideas for your inner scientist:

    1. Brain Hat

    2. Thinking Cap in Blue and Green

    Project Thinking Cap / Via Facebook

    What it is: Inspired by the pink theme of Women’s March, Project Thinking Cap is a collective looking to create a sea of blue and green to show love for Mother Earth. Instead of specific knit patterns, the collective encourages knitters to choose according to their science passions, whatever it might be.

    Who it’s for: Conservationist, meteorologist, tree hugger

    See Patterns Here.

    3. Resistor Hat

    Craftimism / Via Facebook

    What it is: Microbiologist Heidi Arjes at Stanford University happens to be an expert knitter with a history of science-related designs. For the march, she designed a pattern that depicts “a circuit with a battery and 3 resistors” (see top left & middle right). This is a configuration used to slow down electric current – Arjes sees the marches as resistors to deter proposed budget cuts to science research. The aptly named “resistor hat” invokes the call to join the resistance.

    Who it’s for: Engineer, physicist, anyone who enjoys a good word pun

    See Pattern Here.

    4. DNA Hat

    ChemKnits / Via Facebook

    What it is: Another scientist who knits - Rebecca Roush Brown is a Biochemist based in Massachusetts that publishes her own knitting designs under Chemknits. Her double helix patterns, mimicking structure of the DNA molecule, is available in both hats and headbands. The latter ensures that marchers can still wear their science knitwears regardless of weather, because let’s face it, global warming plus April can equal to summer.

    Who it’s for: Geneticist, data scientist, anyone who has taken a genetic test

    See Patterns Here.

    5. Bonus: Octopus Hat

    Abnormal Crocheter / Via

    What it is: Sure, marching for science is a serious endeavor. But it is also a celebration of science with like-minded individuals from around the country (if not the world). What better icebreaker than this whimsical hat to forge potential partnership for future peer reviews.

    Who it’s for: Marine biologist, oceanographer, anyone who loves a good photobomb

    See Pattern Here.

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