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The 12 Unspoken Rules Of Singing Along To Your Favorite Music

Even rocking out has rules. And no one rocked out more than the fans who got to sing with their favorite artists in #ThumbMoments concerts, just for thumbing up a song on Pandora.

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1. Select the right song for your audience.

2. Air guitars instantly upgrade any performance.

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3. Don't be afraid to show off your sweet moves.


4. Nothing beats a quality pet duet.

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5. Accurate knowledge of the lyrics is overrated.

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If you don't know the words, JUST SING LOUDER.

6. Don't be intimidated by the high notes — GO AT 'EM LIKE YOU MEAN IT.

7. DO be the guy who brings his guitar to parties.

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PLAY (anything but) "FREEBIRD"!

8. Busting out in a rap in the middle of your fav song is highly encouraged.

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Uh, one time, mmhmm, "Sweet Home Alabama," that's right, two times, uh...

9. Don't be a diva — share the spotlight.

Even if you're just rockin' out in your mom's sedan, don't overpower your friends too much, or you'll be singing solos for life. #harmony

10. Learn to perfectly mimic your favorite artist's performance. / Via

Every pause, every fierce glance, every inflection: MASTERED.

11. Don't get so lost in the music that you lose track of your surroundings.

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12. Rock on and never let haters keep you down.


To see other music lovers get closer to their favorite tunes, check out this totally live, one-on-one Pandora concert — courtesy of #ThumbMoments.

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