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The 14 Types Of Fans You Meet At Every Concert

You know the ones — and with #ThumbMoments, a few fans get to enjoy a live, one-on-one concert experience, just for thumbing up a song on Pandora.

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1. The guy who claps off sync and attempts to rouse the crowd into joining him.

MGM / Via

It's quintuple meter. Let it go.

2. Meanwhile, the families up in the balcony who applaud politely after every song and stay in their seats. / Via

"Curse these false endings!"

3. The dude who insists on singing every chorus just a beat too early.


"I know this one! I know this one!"

4. The dad who "actually kinda digs this music" but doesn't know what to do with his arms...


"Stand back, kids. Dad's knees need some room."

5. ...and his kids who are equally clueless about their limbs.

The CW / Via

"It's called dancing. Look it up."

6. The fans who rush the stage when the headliner approaches...


(That feeling when the stage lights dim.)

7. ...and the guy who's too cool and aloof to get excited.


"I only showed up for the warm-up act."

8. The— wait, who snuck their child into general admission?


No one under 21 (months) admitted.

9. The one tall person who never fails to be paired up with you...


At least you can still see the rhythm keytarist?

10. ...and the two friends behind you who offer their personal song-by-song commentary during the set.


"You haven't heard the seven-inch instrumental radio edit dub mix of this song? DUDE."

11. The old couple whose kids have moved out of the house...


When the kids are away, the parents will play... classic rock.

12. ...and the old guy whose moves bring down the house. / Via

*Cane drop*

13. The few kids who flail around and slam dance.


They move like honey bees.

14. The moshers. / Via

Horns up. \m/

See all types of fans react to a totally live, one-on-one concert just for thumbing up an artist on Pandora — courtesy of #ThumbMoments.

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