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Which Trisha Paytas Breakdown Video Are You?

Take this fun quiz to find out which breakdown video matches your personality!

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  1. Your boyfriend of one year suddenly goes MIA and won't return your texts and calls... what is the first emotion you feel?

    Blinding rage
    Dazed and confused
    Vengence at all costs
  2. When the social medias blow up in your face all at once what is the first thing you do?

    Blame everyone- you didn't do ANYthing wrong!
    Call your auditor
    Put on your Butch socks and take a selfie for twatter
    Call your dealer and blaze your cares away
    Pop a few pills and roll around in bed
    Fire up the old video camera and get ready to let loose
  3. Why doesn't anyone ever stick around?

    Because you love too hard and they don't love back as hard as you do because you heart is so big.
    Because people are S N A K E S.
    Because no one understands what a special snowflake you are.
    Because you love men that live to treat you badly.
    Because the engrams always drive them away.
    Because everyone tells you their deep dark secrets and they are scared you'll make a video.
  4. When your life is shattered, what's your go to comfort food?

    Dry Toast
    The blood of your enemies
    Galaxy Tacos
    Handfulls of pills
  5. When you need to film a video to get out your feelings, talk things through and vent- where do you set up the camera?

    The middle of the cold hard kitchen floor- it's like the cold hard world, you're used to it.
    The unmade, empty bed that represents your empty, messy life.
    On the living room rug, you were too distraught and collapsed before you could get to the sofa.
    On the kitchen floor in front of the fridge, so you can reach snacks without exertion.
    Where are you? You're so numb that you can't even answer that question.
    Where ever you happen to be in that instant. You're dropping truths, not locations.
  6. When filming your emotions- what outfit do you choose?

    Super Glayam - HBIC
    Outfit? What's an outfit? I've never been so sad you guise!
    Surgical bra, butch socks and pannies.
    Your most lesbilicious 90's grunge cause you love the ladies and you're soyyy dark.
    Your slept in clothes, and you smeared yesterday's eyemake a little more and you're good to go.
    Clothes aren't important. What's important is getting clear.

Which Trisha Paytas Breakdown Video Are You?

You got: You're a Chikkun Nugget!

... and you're a broken chikkun nugget at that. You've always been a chikkun nugget, and you always will be and you don't even have a plastic toy to make you a little bit more palatable. You make everyone sick with your deepfried bullshit- but it's not your fault. You just have no nutritional value.

You're a Chikkun Nugget!
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You got: You haterz can speak to my lawyerz!

Watch out, Queen Bitch is on a rampage, and no cease and desist emails from ANYone's publicist will derail your injustice fuled rant. Oh HUNTY- it was only $$$$ you wanted all along, you lying, fake, cheating snake. I would counter sue you... but for what?

You haterz can speak to my lawyerz!
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You got: Bu-bu-but, you're Gay TOO!

Seriously. Stop laughing it's true! I love gals and all their sticky ladybits. Ding dongs are gross and yucky and I don't even want to put them in my mouth any more. So you can't be mad that I outed anyone. It's like a fat person calling someon fat. It's fine if I'm gay too! Now let's go trade in my G-Wegon for a hatch back Subaru.

Bu-bu-but, you're Gay TOO!
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You got: You're Big Blue Building Bound

You're half a block from that big blue buidling that will swallow you up and never spit you out, unlike every gay bae that's tried to stomach you. Sure they'll take all your ad revenue, but isn't the security of being loved forever worth it? Besides that they accept packages on location so you never have to drive to three post offices to get your bougie begs delivered ever again!

You're Big Blue Building Bound
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You got: I'm exposing EVERYONE!

I'm exposing YOU, and YOU, and YOU and YOU! EVERYone is getting exposed. Allegedly. I mean, I can't say for sure, but the snapchats don't lie sugar. I mean, sure that random dude's head is blocking the money shot, but he did the SLUT DROP. Case closed. Closet open.

I'm exposing EVERYONE!
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You got: Yoko Ono Showtime

I am an artist. You probably aren't creative and emotional and intelligent enough to truely understand the depths of my despair, but let me try to explain it through this clumsy interpretive dayance. The empty vase represents my hollow soul, the surgery bra represents titties, and the black sheets represent your lack of feeling toward me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.

Yoko Ono Showtime
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