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    This Is My Official Ranking Of The Newest "Animal Crossing" Villagers From Worst To Best

    Prepare to be surprised!

    Before we get started, here's a quick disclaimer.


    These are my opinions. I ranked each of the new characters based on my preferences in Animal Crossing villagers. You don't have to agree with me, but you do have know that this is my opinion and you have to respect it.

    There are eight new villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Cyd, Dom, Raymond, Reneigh, Judy, Megan, Audie, and Sherb.


    So, without further ado, let's rank these villagers!

    8. Cyd

    Cyd runs in front of Resident Services in a football jersey

    Okay, first off we have an elephant villager named Cyd. I'm a bit confused about the design choices of this character, like what's that purple thing on his head? Why does he have green toes? I'm also kinda weirded out by his color scheme in general; purple, green, and red do not mix well. Overall, I don't like Cyd very much.

    7. Reneigh

    Reneigh stands behind a table and pensively thinks up a new DIY recipe in her home

    Next, we have a horse villager named Reneigh. I'm not a massive fan of the horse villagers in general; honestly, none of them really interest me all that much. Reneigh looks okay, but there's nothing really about her that really stands out to me. As a result, she gets placed here.

    6. Megan

    Megan wears a cute pair of rounded glasses and smiles in front of Nook's Cranny

    Next, we have a bear villager named Megan. Honestly, I really like her design and personality, but I like some of the newer villagers and their designs more than hers. Overall, I think she's pretty alright.

    5. Audie

    Audie stands on the beach and smiles

    Next, we have a wolf villager named Audie. I absolutely love her design and personality. I also really like the summer vibe she has going on with her dress and sunglasses. She's easily one of my favorite wolf villagers!

    Fun fact: Audie's name is an homage to an 88-year-old grandmother who played Animal Crossing: New Leaf for over 3,500 hours. Now that's impressive!

    4. Judy

    Judy sits underneath falling cherry blossom leaves and eats a sandwich

    Next, we have a bear cub named Judy. I love her cute, pastel design and the stars in her eyes. Although she can be a bit snobby at times, once you get to know her she's really sweet!

    3. Dom

    Dom poses in a suit and tie in his home

    Next, we have a sheep villager named Dom. I will say, I'm usually not a massive fan of sheep villagers; most of them are either garbage or just don't appeal to me. But Dom truly knocks it out of the park with his cute looks and personality! I'd take Dom over Pietro any day.

    2. Sherb

    Sherb sits underneath a cherry tree and looks dreamily up at the sky

    Next, we have a goat villager named Sherb. Okay, I think we can all agree that Sherb is CUTENESS OVERLOAD! His cute, pastel design and lazy personality makes him impossible not to love. You go, Sherb!

    1. Raymond

    Raymond sits in a cat bed and reads a book happily

    Last but not least, we have a cat villager named Raymond. Ok let's be honest — we all knew he was gonna make the number one spot. Raymond is the only villager in the game with heterochromia, which is why his eyes are two different colors. He's also the only smug cat in the game! Most people call him overrated, but I think he can be popular and cool simultaneously.

    Do you agree with my villager rankings? Leave in the comments down below how you would rank the newest Animal Crossing villagers!