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    I Ranked All The Songs On Blackpink's Album "The Album" Because It's What We Deserve

    "Ice Cream" is the best, fight me.

    Recently Blackpink released an album called The Album (very straightforward, I know) and, of course, I felt the need to rank all the songs. So, without further ado, let's go!

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    8. "Love to Hate Me"

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    A great song that's for sure, but not as good as the other songs from The Album.

    7. "Bet You Wanna"

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    TBH, I really like this song. However, there are just other songs on The Album that I like more than this one so that's why it's at #8.

    6. "Crazy Over You"

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    What can I say? it's very catchy and the instrumental gives me Arabic vibes.

    5. "You Never Know"

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    I'm usually not the biggest fan of ballads, but this song is great. I really like the message behind it.

    4. "Lovesick Girls"

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    A Blackpink song with a full chrous? Sign me up, please!

    3. "Ice Cream"

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    Okay don't hate me, but I think "Ice Cream" is pretty good. The song is catchy and fun and the MV is pretty cute.

    2. "Pretty Savage"

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    This song is pretty dope if you ask me. This song is a perfect ''screw you'' to the haters.

    1. "How You Like That"

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    Finally, at number 1 we have "How You Like That". This song may the best song on The Album and overall their best choreography yet. This song pretty much saved 2020 in my opinion.

    That's it! Let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree with my ranking!

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