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10 Ways To Make Potty Training More Fun For Your Child

Parents, listen up: Your toddlers want more fun. With these techniques and Pampers Easy Ups, your child will love training time.

1. Target Practice

Children will become more accurate and have more fun if you give them something to aim at. Popular targets include rubber duckies and mounds of bubbles.

2. Eye Spy

While your child is on the toilet, say, "I spy..." and describe something in the room, like the color of a towel or toothbrush. See if they can figure it out!

3. Copycat

Some children need to know you're right their with them. Try mimicking your child's every move as they run to the bathroom. Mimic their facial expressions and gestures to get them in a lighter mood.

4. Prince or Princess to the Rescue

Devise a story in which your child is a heroic character who needs to rescue another character at the potty. Your child has to run quickly to rescue the doll before going.

5. Daily Photo Journal

For the child who loves taking pictures on your phone.

Choose a fun frame that your child can pose behind every time he or she goes. By the end, you'll have a step-by-step documentation of the whole journey.

6. Makeover

Some children want to be treated like adults. Incentivize the early bloomers with a nail-painting party after a day of successful bathroom visits.

7. Party

Some parents find success through an intense, all-day potty training celebration. Invite other young'uns who are at the same stage!

8. Bathroom Toys

Consider using more blocks as an incentive for more successful trips. Your child can add a block to a tower in the bathroom, showing the slow but steady progress.

9. Mini Store

You can incentivize with an M&M, but the fun stops there. Try using tokens and allowing your child to "buy" treats at a makeshift mini store in your house.

10. And of course, Sticker Boards

Customize your board to match your child's interests — be them sports, animals, or movies. Many charts are free to print online.

When children have fun, they learn more easily. Make potty time more fun with Pampers Easy Ups.