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Parents Share Their Tips For Winter Fun With An Active Baby Or Toddler

Getting through cold, winter days with an energetic little one often requires a little creativity. Avoid counting down the minutes until bedtime with these tried-and-true tips from real-life parents!

1. Try this simple, low-mess art project.

Give them a big cardboard box and some crayons...and let them go nuts! Katie, mom of 2

2. Break out the pots, pans, and wooden spoons.

Nonbreakable kitchen supplies make perfect musical instruments. If you play with your little ones and help them discover new sounds to make by hitting or rubbing different objects together, you won't even mind the noise! Jenny, mom of 3

Baby playing with pots and pans

3. Explore sensory bins.

There are an endless number of things you can put in a sensory bin, but my son absolutely loves playing with cooked pasta in all different shapes. I give him differently sized spoons and cups, and he will scoop and sort and mix for hours. Tory, mom of 1

4. Enlist them as your little helper.

My son helps me pour milk into my coffee and stir it, helps me load and unload laundry, helps me feed the dog, and so much more. When you're stuck indoors anyway, just letting them help you get stuff done keeps them occupied and you productive, so win-win! Mike, dad of 1

Toddler girl standing in white T-shirt and diaper, holding another diaper, and smiling

5. Let them peel to their heart's content.

Put different-colored painter's tape on your walls and floors and let them peel it off for a while. It won't do any damage and will keep them occupied for quite a while! Katie, mom of 2

6. Look into online music classes.

There are tons of them and many are free! My son loves seeing the teacher on the screen and dancing and singing along just like he was there in person. —Sara, mom of 1

Mother and toddler son in diaper dancing together on bed

7. Encourage some clothing playtime.

My son will empty out his dresser and rearrange his clothes over and over again like it's his full-time job! —Tory, mom of 1

8. Build forts.

All you need are sheets or blankets and something to hang them across. Somehow regular playtime becomes so much more fun in a fort! —Jenny, mom of 3

Little girl reading with a flashlight in a blanket fort

9. Rotate different toys in and out of reachable places.

Cycle different toys throughout spots within your little one's reach, like low shelves or on the couch, so they keep having new things to easily discover and play with. —Sara, mom of 1

Toddler walking across carpet holding stuffed dog

10. Set up an easy scavenger hunt.

I keep plastic Easter eggs around so I can fill them with snack crackers or cereal and hide them around the outside of the house and yard, under snow if there is any. My toddlers (two girls and boy) all love looking for them and then enjoying the treats inside. —Jenny, mom of 3

11. Plop them in a sled and pull them around.

My daughter won't stop giggling with delight when she gets a sleigh ride from mama. And I get a pretty amazing workout out of it, too! —Catherine, mom of 1

A parent pulling their baby in a sled outside in the snow

12. Visit the fire station or a construction site.

Find out when your local fire station is testing their trucks and stop by for a visit, or hang out at a construction site to see the machines operating. —Sam, dad of 1

13. Play some good old hide-and-seek.

One parent or sibling hides; the other parent and the baby or toddler seek. Everyone has fun and everyone stays warm from moving around. —Mike, dad of 1

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