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15 Things That Babies Probably Dream About

What's going on in those little heads? We might never know. But if we had to guess, these babies are probably dreaming about Love, Sleep & Play - three things that they're extremely good at. Share your Love, Sleep & Play Moment here!

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1. Are my toes actually made of little piggies? Should I not walk on them?

Bradley Gordon / Via Flickr: icanchangethisright

2. My uncle took my nose!! Where is my nose!!!

rumpleteaser / Via Flickr: rumpleteaser

3. Is my mouth an airport? All the spoons in this house are airplanes, so I feel like my mouth must be an airport.

Sophia Strähhuber / Via Flickr: sophiaphotography

4. I love the haircut my dad gave me. I love my dad's comfy shirt. I love my dad.

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5. I love when mom sings to me. But man, it makes me sleepy.

Jérôme Decq / Via Flickr: lesphotosdejerome

6. Numbers, man. There are so many of them.

simon_music / Via Flickr: fruey

7. If I get a turtle, I'm gonna name it Ellemenohpee. That's my favorite letter of the alphabet.

ECohen / Via Flickr: 7378221@N03

8. I feel like the circle block should fit into the square hole. It just should.

Nathan Abplanalp / Via Flickr: abplanalp_photography

9. Oh, milk. Delicious milk. Milk is great.

Rowan Peter / Via Flickr: rowan_peter

10. Life is pretty cool so far. All I really do is love, sleep, and play.

Julie, Dave & Family / Via Flickr: dave_minogue

11. Every time I laugh, everyone else laughs! Am I a wizard?


12. Since mom is always giving me baby carrots at snack time, does that mean that she eats grown up carrots?


13. What's the deal with Peekaboo, anyway? Where do they go?

Leyram Odacrem / Via Flickr: maroonsurreal

14. Where are my Legos?! My people need me!

Cherrysweetdeal / Via Flickr: cherrysweetdeal

15. Santa only comes if I throw spaghetti at the wall. Santa only comes if I throw spaghetti at the wall. Santa only comes if I throw spaghetti at the wall.

Wait, nevermind. This T-shirt is awesome.
Alessandro M. / Via Flickr: 7829129@N08

Wait, nevermind. This T-shirt is awesome.

They love, they sleep, they play. They dream. They're babies.

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