13 GIFs Of Babies Who Are Playtime Champs

You wish you played this hard. These one-of-a-kind babies play harder than you ever did. Share your baby’s unique Love, Sleep, & Play moment with Pampers.

1. This baby who spares no expense playing race car

2. This baby who's uncommonly good at playing hide and seek

3. This baby multitasking playing and learning to save lives

4. This special baby who can control the TV with a touch

5. This baby who really, really loves drawing

6. This baby with seriously impressive dance moves

7. This baby taking playing with food to a new level

8. This baby turning cleaning into a playtime opportunity

9. This baby problem solving like a boss

10. This baby who's a ping pong prodigy

11. This baby with rare imagination skills

12. These twins who know "bedtime" is code for "different playtime"

13. This baby who is really great at getting down

Inspired by all unique babies who Love, Sleep, & Play:

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