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The Emotional Roller Coaster Of Community Theater

Is the emotional drain worth the outcome ?

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Every night as I step on to the stage , my emotions jump on one of the most thrilling roller coasters I have ever been on. The first emotion is always the nervousness I feel deep inside belly. I literally can feel thousands of little butterflies dancing around . I am not sure why I still get nervous . I have been in more productions than I can count on both hands. The next emotion I feel is pride. I understand I should be proud to have a talent that people pay their hard earned money to come and watch . Since I have been involved in theatre I have figured out what a big deal stage fright can be for some people . The following emotion is always excitement. The excitement is hard to contain under those bright lights. I feel excitement flowing throughout my body as I hear people laugh or maybe even cry . It is just according to what emotion the play write is trying to get through to the audience . The last sensation that comes over me is sadness. Sadness, because the show is about to be over . Once perfor

Theater Rocks

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