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21 Hilarious Tweets About Today's Apple Event

No kidney jokes

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Still more differences than the iPhones. #iPhone8 #AppleEvent

Apple: Another thing.. We introduce to you the iPhone X/iPhone 10!!! iPhone 9: #AppleEvent

Chances of your crush texting you back

iPhone X is so poor it's homeless. #AppleEvent

Loved this tribute to Steve jobs by Tim Cook #AppleEvent

When Android user sees people are going crazy for iPhone which don't even have headphone/Bluetooth. #AppleEvent

When wireless charging finally announced. #iPhone8 #AppleEvent

Reality Check #iPhoneX #iPhone8 #AppleEvent

#iphoneX #iphone8 “so what’s new about the iPhone 8 and iPhone X?”

My main concern with the new face ID on the iPhone X is how in the world is John Cena going to unlock his phone #AppleEvent #iPhone8

When you want to unlock your friend's iPhone with facial recognition. #AppleEvent

Face ID is winning! But Arya is going to steal all your iPhone! #AppleEvent

The only #AppleEvent I've ever seen in my life

Pic 1: When they announce the features of new iPhone Pic 2: When they announce the price

What Apple does with the faces after the iPhone 8 scans them. #AppleEvent

me seeing how much the iPhone X is #AppleEvent

No home button on iPhone X, because you have to sell your home to afford it.

Fellas, don't let her take selfies with your iPhone X. She's really setting up Face ID for her access to your phone…

Usually Apple waits a year before making their phones obsolete. The iPhone 8 lasted about 10 minutes #AppleEvent

iPhone 8: no headphones iPhone 10: no homebutton iPhone 12: no camera iPhone 14: no battery iPhone 16: no phone…

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