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    12 Things People Who Grew Up Outside Of The South Just Will Never Understand

    On a Saturday night, you were a.) on a drive, b.) at the gas station, or c.) hanging out at Walmart.

    1. Sweet tea is actually how you stay hydrated.

    2. "Y'all" is the only way you know how to address two or more people.

    3. You cheer on the high school football team on Friday nights or you got kicked out of town.

    4. If you weren't hanging out at the gas station parking lot on Saturday, then what were you doing?

    5. And Sunday's were for the home-cooked, southern soul food.

    6. Your "late to class excuse" was you got stuck behind a tractor or you were the one driving it.

    7. Square dancing was part of gym curriculum.

    8. Those humid summers made you feel like you were drowning.

    9. Wearing camo was actually just a part of your daily wardrobe.

    10. You're fully aware what 'bless your heart' really means.

    11. You've seen some pretty "out there" things and nothing phases you anymore.

    12. And you quite often get asked, "where are you from?".