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13 Reasons Why

Spoilers ahead...

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13 Reasons Why


Hannah baker, a depressed girl in need of love and so much more. The show starts off with Hannah explaining why she killed herself, and moves to discuss the signs of bullying, depression, sexual assault, and many other issues. While the show managed to explain every little detail, it failed to provide viewers with an enlightening conclusion to the mini series. In the end, it depicts a character gearing up for a shooting, another attempt at suicide and some of the other characters revealing secrets and beginning to live life again. However, with this not so happy ending, it is also implied that many of the characters you grow to love and hate throughout the show, are likely to die in a mass school shooting.

While it is unfortunate, the abrupt and confusing conclusion opens the door to creating a new season. 13 Reasons Why, is important. It may be hard to watch but that's reality. People die, people are raped, and people kill themselves; people do a lot of awful stuff, and this show is a perfect representation. I applaud the creators, and do hope a new season is created, for the sake of those struggling with mental illness. Destroying the stigma, and allowing children to see they are not alone, is unbelievably important.13 Reasons Why, might just save a life.

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