• Map Out Your Journey

    Map Out Your Journey

    Grab some brews and carefully plan your journey. While it’s nice to have an element of adventure, you don’t want to wind up too far off the beaten path.

  • Go with people you love. Or at least like. A lot.

    Go with people you love. Or at least like. A lot.

    You’re going to be stuck with this group in close quarters for the majority of your trip, so you better be compatible.

  • Make An Awesome Mix

    Make An Awesome Mix

    Music is the key to any successful road trip. But make sure you try and vary it up, because no one wants to listen to Creed for 13 hours.

  • Pack Carefully

    Pack Carefully

    Because you may end up in some places where you can’t make that “life or death” beer run.

  • Don’t Run Out Of Gas

    Don't Run Out Of Gas

    You’re going to encounter some long stretches of road, so don’t be stupid, make sure you have enough gas to last you. Making the wilderness your permanent home is probably not what you had in mind.

  • Have The Time Of Your Life

    Have The Time Of Your Life

    With a mix of adventure, good beer and good friends, you are in for the trip of a lifetime. Make it count!