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The Internet Is Going Gaga Over Videos Promoting "The Cure" By Lady Gaga... And So Is Gaga

Lady Gaga fans have done it... again. Following their attempts to book arenas in Australia for Lady Gaga's upcoming Joanne World Tour, over the last couple of weeks, a series of videos with the common theme of promoting the new explosive pop single by Lady Gaga have taken over the internet, thanks to the users of popular pop culture forum, ATRL. Despite involving a very interesting range of concepts, it's the cohesive nature of all the videos that's captured everyone's attention. They even got the Mother Monster's approval!

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It all first started with this video

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"The Cure is an inspirational and catchy tune that will make all your pains go away", says the speaker before going on to ask the viewers to "stream it once, stream it ten times".

This was only the beginning for a number of other iconic videos.

Shortly after, a video starring a self-proclaimed soccer mom surfaces online.

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The now-iconic video starts off with "My kids have been lately screaming "Yaaaas Gaga"". She then calls the song "A gift from God", telling her fellow soccer moms to "stream it on Spotify once, stream it on Spotify twice".

You see how consistent they are?!?!!?!

She also goes on the list all the ways The Cure has made her life better. GO, GIRL!

Obviously, as the video spread across Lady Gaga's 'Littlemonsters', it was only a matter of time for some hilarious gifs to emerge.

And emerge they did!!!

Seriously, hilarious.

Iconic already

This was followed by ANOTHER iconic video.

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Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Dr Lisa-Marie.


Coolest. Doctor. Ever


"The Cure" even made "the news" for its curing abilities!

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And then spread all around the world to result in this ICONIC video.

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And BEHOLD for Doctor Lisa-Marie's return!

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She's back, and she's still raving about The Cure.

And Gaga approves.

What is happening. I love her

She loves them as much as we do

😂I love you

And the movement is continuing to make ripples

Tyler Oakley is literally all of us.


What comes next???

We are sure that more LitteMonsters are going to be involved in this brand new movement of sorts. Until then, make sure to stream The Cure on Today's Top Hits on Spotify to be Cured.

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