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10 Things NOT TO DO When Visiting Cuba

If you're planning a trip to the island, this list is for YOU

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1. Don't be scared of going out at night and exploring / Via

It's actually SUPER safe

2. Don't be afraid to dance with strangers / Via

Learn a few moves !

3. Don't forget the mosquito repellant! / Via

TRUST ME! Your body will thank you.

4. Don't try driving. / Via

Let the cubans do the driving - unless you want to bump into the traffic (horses, bikes, and pedestrians all over)

5. Don't drink the water - UNLESS it's bottled or filtered


You don't want to spend the rest of your trip on the toilet.

6. Don't let people overcharge you


Some might want to do that to someone who looks and acts like a foreigner. (NOT EVERYONE, but there are bad apples everywhere)

7. Important: Don't forget to bring a roll of toilet paper everywhere you go.


Unless you want to be charged for one piece of toilet paper.

ESPECIALLY when traveling from city to city.

8. DO NOT go to bathroom's in bus terminals

OR on the bus. It is absolutely D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G !!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Don't forget to try the mojito!!

10. & Finally, don't forget to enjoy the culture around you.

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