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11 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Money

You're at uni. You're independent. You're nailing this whole adult life thing. Then all of a're broke. How did that happen? Probably because you haven't been following these tips.

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1. Stick to a budget.

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It's an obvious one, but this wouldn't be a list about money without it. Check out the UCAS Budget Calculator to get started!

Keep track of what you spend and at the end of the month see where you can cut back a bit. I'm looking at you lattes.

2. Don't buy books unless you absolutely have to.

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Libraries are your new best friend. Being at Brookes comes with access to free online sources as well as print books.

Not in the library? Ask anyone you can think of to lend you a copy!

Still can’t find it? Try Google Books’ ‘Look Inside!’ and hope you get lucky with the pages you need.

No choice but to buy? Try Flubit to save some cash.

3. Research bursaries and scholarships.

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Financial support is available in many different forms at Brookes - there may be bursaries and scholarships that you don't even know you are eligible for.

Do some research in your faculty and across the university in general to see what you could apply for.

4. Sign up for free trials.

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Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify Premium offer 30 days free when you sign up. Just don't forget to cancel your subscription when the time is up!

5. Get a part-time job.


If you can balance a part-time job with your studies, it can be a great way to earn some extra cash and beef up your CV.

Brookes advertises part-time local work to students for during your studies - you could even find a job on campus!

Remember, if you need help with your CV, cover letters or interview skills the Careers Service is here to help.

6. Play the supermarket game. / Via

Have a look at Money Saving Expert's tips for supermarket shopping.

Ditch your brand loyalty, shop around and hit the reduced section late in the day for the best deals!

7. Don't skimp on having fun - just find cheaper ways to do it!

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Oxford may have a reputation as an expensive place to live, but not if you know where to look.

* Museums and galleries - free!

* Parks, parks and more parks - free!

* Botanic garden - free for Brookes students!

* Sightseeing - free!

* Going out - not free. BUT if you take out cash you can stay on budget.

* Student discounts - always ask if you're not sure.

* Cowley Road - king of cheap eats and home to the amazing carnival in summer.

8. Cook smart.

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Bulk cooking meals with storecupboard ingredients like pasta, rice and lentils is a serious money saver.

Bacon pasta take your fancy? About a pound per serving.

Lentil dhal? Less than a pound per serving.

Sausage casserole? Less than a pound again!

And if you fancy something beyond your cupboard's capabilities, Itsu sell all their food at half price 30 minutes before stores close.

9. Keep an emergency fund.

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General rule: an emergency fund should be at least the cost of a train ticket home. Even if you're not planning on heading home home for a while, you never know when you might need to!

(This can also serve as an 'I didn't spend all my money so I totally deserve to spend money on a treat' fund when the next installment of your maintenance loan comes in...)

10. Be experimented on for money!

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The Nuffield Centre in Oxford are recruiting for participants in their social experiments. This involves making decisions at a computer and being paid £10/hour, and you can choose which experiments you take part in.

Well worth signing up for a bit of extra cash!

11. Remember, the Brookes Union Advice Service is here for you.

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Happy to answer questions about money and finance, the Brookes Union Advice Service is based in the JHBB on Headington Campus.

They are here to help with any question, concern or worry you might have - get in touch!

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