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17 Products That Will Transform Your Bedroom Into A Tropical Paradise

Bedrooms are our traditional sanctuaries, and what better way to create the bedroom of your dreams than by making it resort-worthy.

FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. This bed is a staple piece for capturing a "getaway" vibe at home.

2. This wildlife wall art keeps your room vibrant with those tropical colors.

3. This Tommy Bahama comforter set is the comfiest way to end a day in paradise.

4. This dresser keeps your room looking sleek with an extra glow.

5. This handmade Safavieh rug feels like that moment you bury your toes in the sand.

6. This Safavieh bamboo nightstand is a subtle way to make sure the small details are always on point.

7. This wall art is definitely your style if you'd rather have a nice green touch on the wall to match those wood tones around the room.

8. This Safavieh chair adds a little charm to that corner in your room and eliminates dead space.

9. This dresser is a solid statement piece, perfect for anyone who is looking for durable, long-lasting furniture they can pass on to their kids one day.

10. This pillow teleports you to that beach house you visited a few summers ago.

11. This glass table lamp softly illuminates that spot in your room you've designated as your reading section.

12. This headboard and its homey feel completely knock out any guilt tied to sleeping in.

13. This quilt set provides that soft and warm surface to hide under on those lazy Sundays.

14. This wallpaper adds that coastal chic look to your bedroom and teleports you to that island you're saving to buy one day.

15. This headboard is super versatile and provides the perfect jumping off point for your room's unique style.

16. This natural fiber rug is a great accent to any modern, casual decor you've carefully selected for your room.

17. This wood panel bed was made for you if you prefer a nice, snug bed.

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