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21 Presidents' Day Sale Steals That Will Completely Transform Your Home

Make your home your favorite place in the world with Overstock's amazing Presidents' Day Sale!

FYI: Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A bed to refresh your room with the mid-century modern look your bedroom has been craving.

A bed frame in a bedroom.

2. A table lamp that'll blend perfectly with your other contemporary decor. It's the perfect piece to complete that soothing feel.

3. A bed chest you'll love because it holds a built-in charging station so you can power your devices overnight, and it helps you save space.

4. A leather sofa will build a cozy, comfortable atmosphere in your space and is the ultimate statement piece.

A brown leather sofa sitting in a living room.

5. A swivel chair adds comfort to your office space with its soft, velvet fabric.

A swivel office chair in front of a desk. The chair is on a rug with different patterns.

6. A jute pouf to accentuate your Bohemian-style decor and enhance that natural vibe.

A jute pouf sitting on a rug.

7. A distressed rug that'll revitalize any common room with its lively pattern.

A large rug sitting across a living room.

8. Dining chairs that'll bring the whole family to the table and be the perfect way to complete your dining room space.

Four dining chairs around a wooden, circular dining table. There is a plant on the table.

9. Or chairs to make your living room extremely inviting while preserving that sophisticated feel.

Two chairs in a living room space. The chair on the left has a couch pillow on it.

10. An on-trend chandelier to captivate everyone's attention with its beautiful and warm design.

A chandelier hanging off the ceiling. There are small lamps running around the chandelier's round shape.

11. A rug that'll stand tall in any elegant, contemporary room and has that comforting texture you've been looking for.

A rug spread out across the room.

12. A set of shelves to hold all of your important trinkets, treasures, and photographs while adding to your home's sleek aesthetic.

Three shelves hanging off the wall. One shelf has a picture frame and a lamp. Another shelf has a plant on it. The last one has a decor piece.

13. A hybrid mattress that'll conform to your body to help align your spine and offers a comfortable, medium-firm feel for sleepers of all styles.

A mattress sitting on a bed frame. There is a nightstand by its side. There is a small plant and table lamp on the nightstand.

14. A writing desk to compliment your serene color palette and keep your compact spaces looking stylish and modern.

A large writing desk sitting along the wall of a bedroom.

15. A fire pit you can count on to keep you warm during those late nights and add extra charm to your outdoor space.

A firepit outside. There are flames coming from the fireplace.

16. A vase that'll serve as a fabulous statement piece, perfect for any environment.

A vase sitting on a counter.

17. A bathroom vanity to bring a sleek, contemporary feel to your bathroom, while offering all of the storage space you need.

A ceramic basin sitting under a mirror in the bathroom.

18. A mattress that'll help relieve your tight pressure points with its gel foam and is likely the missing link to a cozy night's sleep.

A mattress sitting on a bed frame. There are pillows on top of the mattress.

19. A headboard to create a chic, elegant vibe for your bedroom.

A headboard on top of a bed.

20. A stool that'll elevate the trendy look you've been building in your home.

Four chair stools sitting by one another.

21. A TV console that'll give off rustic charm and is the missing piece to that modern farmhouse feel.

Check out Overstock's Presidents' Day Sale today to give your home that revitalized glow!