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If Food Pairings Were Actual Couples

Love may be blind, but it still has taste buds. Head to Outback Steakhouse to see why Steak and Lobster are the perfect couple.

Jelly would think Peanut Butter was too clingy.

Gravy would smother Mashed Potatoes.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup would be the ultimate power couple.

Hummus would never be ready to commit to Pita.

Bacon and Eggs would always post selfies together.

Soy Sauce would do all the work, but Wasabi would wear the pants.

Pizza and Pineapple would meet online.

Bread and Butter would become boring and predictable...

...while Chips and Guac invited Salsa over to spice things up.

Chicken and Waffles would never get their timing right.

Orange Juice and Toothpaste would fight constantly.

And frankly, Liver and Onions would deserve each other.

But of course, Surf and Turf would be perfect together.

All images via Thinkstock