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8 Hands-On Learning Gifts To Get Your Little Genius This Holiday

This holiday season, it's to take the guilt out of screentime! Pair these play-based learning games from Osmo with a tablet to fuel your little one's imagination, creativity, confidence, reasoning, and more.

For a fun introduction to math and coding:

1. Select up to five ~mathemagical~ games with your child to create the Math Wizard Bundle.

Child playing with Osmo's Math Wizard game

2. Get your child geared up for the digital world with the Coding Starter Kit.

Osmo's Coding Starter Kit

For interactive art and creative exploration:

3. Inspire your child's inner artist with the Creative Starter Kit.

Young girl drawing using Osmo's Creative Starter Kit

4. Help your child draw and bring their favorite characters to life with the Super Studio Artist Bundle.

Young girl and boy using Osmo's Super Studio Artist Bundle

5. Immerse your child in make-believe while instilling essential skills with the Pretend Play Bundle.

Two young boys playing with Osmo's Pretend Play Bundle

For delighting and encouring the littlest learners:

6. Light up your preschooler's day with the joy of early learning with the Little Genius Starter Kit.

A young boy and young girl playing with Osmo's Little Genius Starter Kit

And for a wholistic introduction to all the skills Osmo seeks to build:

7. Encourage your child to go full STEAM ahead with the comprehensive Genius Starter Kit.

Young girl playing with Osmo's Genius Starter Kit

8. Supercharge your little one's math and creative confidence, reading, visual thinking, and SO much more, with the 20-game Super Osmonaut Starter Kit.

Two children playing with Osmo's Super Osmonaut Starter Kit

All images from Osmo

Let your child experience the joy of play-based learning with Osmo this holiday. Explore the products that are the best fit for your family today.