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8 Fun And Engaging STEM Learning Toys For Kids

Play-based learning that both kids and parents will love. These interactive Osmo products, with the addition of a tablet, will open a world of wonderful educational possibilities.

1. Welcome your kids into the Osmo universe with the awesome Genius Starter Kit!

Young child plays with tablet and numbered cards

2. Select up to five games and watch your kids have a blast playing the epic Math Wizard: Choose Your Adventure Bundle!

3. And for the littlest littles, there's the best-selling Little Genius Starter Kit.

Two young children play Costume Party while looking at tablet

4. Because we know coding is a total superpower, give your kids the Coding Starter Kit, which includes the entire Coding Family: Awbie, Jam, and Duo!

Coding Starter Kit in action

5. Continue fostering a love for learning early on with the Preschool Starter Kit.

Young child plays with Preschool Starter Kit

6. For the ultimate adventurer, there's the Explorer Starter Kit — it's Osmo's most complete STEAM learning kit.

Young child drawing while playing with tablet

7. Everyone gets to have a little fun with the Genius Family Starter Kit — it includes nine awesome games!

Two young children play with geometrical shapes

8. If you're looking for an all-in-one bundle extravaganza, look no further. The Super Osmonaut Starter Kit includes Osmo's most popular games.

Two children play with game included in the Super Osmonaut Starter Kit

Hands-on lessons that your kids will be thrilled to take? Yup, with Osmo, learning is super fun. Plus, you can always add more games to any of these kits. Discover more awesome stuff at the Osmo store!