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Girl, Love Yourself.

A daily reminder of how magic we are.

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* Get to know your own power, your own beliefs, your own strengths, and even your own fears. Forget about what you’ve been told you like and what you’ve heard you should fear.

* You need to discover yourself, not only the real tone of your hair, but that very thought that makes you blush and get goose bumps.

* Accept that you get excited about watching a romantic comedy, and that some days you just want to cry for no reason. Admire yourself, you have overcome so many struggles, and you have come out triumphant form one too many situations. You are in constant growth, possessing beautiful gifts and virtues, some of them still to be awakened! Take on each day as a new opportunity to grow.

* Get a good laugh at yourself! Not everything has to be so serious, you don’t need to see yourself as the woman society needs you to be, look at yourself in the mirror and recognize your greatness. If you must choose, always choose yourself, not as an act of selfishness, but as an act of courage and self-love, because only the one who loves himself is capable of loving others.

* Fight for what you desire in life and take from it everything that threatens your peace, self-worth and dignity. You are who you are, and that's perfect.

* Do not carry unnecessary weights, don't allow any person or situation to define you. Learn to identify your pains. Leave behind faults, regrets and fears because they do not allow you to blossom, respect and enjoy the essence of your own being..

Remember: always choose yourself.

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