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10 Movie Romances Made Better With Bacon

"A triumph." - Your Stomach. Father's Day is right around the corner. Tell the special man in your life how much he means. Say it from the heart. Say it with bacon.

1. The Notebacon

New Line Cinema / Via

2. Tihamic

Paramount Pictures / Via

3. 500 Days Of Dinner

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

4. Frylight: Bacon Dawn

Summit Entertainment / Via

5. Lady & the Ham

Walt Disney Productions / Via

6. 2 Crispy 2 Delicious

Universal Pictures / Via

7. Love, Snacktually

Universal Pictures / Via

8. Up(petite for Delicious Bacon)

Disney Pixar / Via

9. Casabreakfast

Warner Bros. / Via

10. Filet Anything

20th Century Fox / Via

However you choose to say it...