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The 5 Possible Creepy Ways Your Google Home Is Spying On You?!

It sounds almost like a cliché conspiracy you hear all the time that Google is spying on you. Google might have advertised and packaged Google Home as your “home personal assistant” who answers your questions about the weather and news, sets up your doctor appointments, or turns on your favourite Black Mirror episode on TV. There is a dark side about their surveillance system you probably didn’t know about. (This is for CMNS 353 assignment)

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1. Their voice recognition system is as good as the NSA’s facial recognition

What is surprising about their voice recognition system is that NSA announced a similar system called Voice RT in 2004. It can track given voiceprints and generate transcript of a person. This system was even used in 2009 by the NSA to track Pakistani army!

Shocking, isn't it?

2. Voice remote or voice tracking?

Well, there is another problem about the touch panel. The culprit (touch panel) allows Google Home to activate the assistant without saying any verbal commands. A patch of the devices has been experiencing system errors too. Maybe it is time to look up the weather by yourself?

3. Google Home is connected to all of your home technology

Google Home is not only spying on audio, but it is also connected to your TV, computer or iPad to “provide you with convenient services.” The data they steal can create a whole new identity of you! The way Google operates data collection and agency definitely needs to be more transparent. Don't you think so?

4. Also connected to your personal IOS and Google Chrome devices

If Google Home actually steals your data from your IOS and Chrome devices, the algorithm can immediately transport your information to the database and generate relevant ads on the websites you are browsing on. They know exactly which bar you went to last night?! That's even creepier than your crazy ex boyfriend.

5. The potential new system can monitor and control your everyday schedule

Google is announcing a potential future system that allows their Home system to monitor every aspect of your life from personal hygiene habits to setting up travel schedules. This new system could possibly analyze your family patterns so you would be an easier target for advertising. But, what's new about Google though?

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