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These Little Sustainability Tips Have A Big Impact

Want to be more sustainable? Try Oroweat Organic bread. Great taste that’s sustainably baked!

1. Try using LED bulbs instead of incandescent.

2. Before you turn up the heat, put on a sweater.

3. Open up the blinds and let the sunlight in.

4. Put your tote bags to use at the grocery store.

5. Eat food made by companies with sustainable business practices.

6. Unplug your chargers when you're not using them.

7. Wash your clothes on a cold setting (even if the tag says warm).

8. And when you're done washing, skip the dryer.

9. Start secondhand shopping.

10. Replace your disposables with reusables.

Supporting sustainable practices is a must. That’s why Oroweat Organic bread honors nature by using eco-friendly ingredients and baking practices.

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