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Crafting With Cats (aka Art Interrupted By Assholes)

All of my crafts come cat-hair guaranteed. No, that's not a bite mark, it's a "design element," promise.

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Just your typical soul-less ginger

Nicole Wood / Via

This is Gingy Pingy...aka several expletives too numerous to mention. In this pic he's sporting the latest "Randolph the Rude Nosed Reindeer" cat fashion.

No regard for personal space or property

Nicole Wood

Yes, please feel free to completely trample over my creations. Take your time. Also, please do enjoy plonking your fuzzy arse on my supply container. You know full well the Law of the Universe states that a cat in slumber cannot be moved.

What the fresh minty hell is this?

Nicole Wood

Yes, they sashay all over my desk, trampling new ornaments, smearing and knocking over paint and stealing the brushes for good measure. When Gingy's feeling particularly assholey (which is basically ALWAYS), he'll have a taste. He probably shit glitter that day (I hoped it scraped his wazoo on the way out).

If I Fitz I Sitz, Bitch

Nicole Wood

Gingy commandeering a container...I should have shipped him off to the craft fair but I think they would have returned to sender. The struggle is real (hashtag CATastrophe)!

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