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10 Ways People Destress At UofT

We asked, just for you!

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1. Binge watch a show

"When times get tough I literally just binge watch Grey's Anatomy"

Make sure not to overdo it, but watching an episode or two of your favourite show can get your mind off what is stressing you!

2. Get rid of distractions

"Make a cup of tea and just drink the tea"

With so much happening at university, it can be helpful to just zero in on one thing.

3. Start!

"I start whatever it is that's stressing me out, and then treat myself for starting"

Drafting a plan helps make a molehill out of a mountain, so do that- start.

4. Have a snack

"Binge eat everything and anything..."

My appetite is the first thing to disappear when I'm stressed, so it helps to be conscious of that. Having a filling snack or even a full meal has a notable effect on my mental health. Just make sure you opt for healthier foods!

5. Talk to friends

It doesn't even have to be about what's stressing you out, spending time with friends in general can help lift your mood.

6. Dance

"Or go outside, or to the gym, move around!"

7. Cry

Take a step back to move forward.

8. Have a spa day

Whether it be at home or at an actual spa (or maybe its just a relaxing shower) invest time in yourself!

9. Take a nap

Sometimes stress stems from sleep deprivation, or sometimes I just forget that studying is a tiring activity too. So purposefully setting time aside for catching up on sleep can be extremely helpful!

10. Look beyond a quick fix

While all of the above are helpful in dealing with a tough situation, you probably need more if you find that you're constantly in a slump. Keep track of how you're feeling, and remember that seeking help doesn't have to be a last resort. Look for campus resources such as counselling, or go to your registrar or family doctor.

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