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11 Tips For Staying Active And Motivated All Winter Long

Wavering on your New Year's resolutions already? With Orgain by your side, you can keep going strong throughout the day to achieve any goals you're working toward.

1. First and foremost, figure out what "wellness" means to you.

A variety of sticky notes with positive goals reading: move more, positive attitude, be less stressed, etc.

2. And don't be afraid to redefine "active" while you're at it.

A person ascends a set of outdoor stairs with their dog on a walk

3. Find a way to hold yourself accountable.

A person checks their fitness app on a phone and watch

4. Start small and work your way up.

A man leads a workout class with small hand weights

5. Set mini checkpoints (and rewards) if you have a long-term plans.

A woman walks home from a workout class with a yoga mat and a water bottle

6. Treat yourself to some new gear.

A new pair of running shoes and workout weights

7. Get your workout on in the a.m. or afternoon if you're feeling the seasonal slump.

A man runs on the beach in the morning with wireless headphones

8. Find a community to help you achieve your goals.

Two friends in fitness gear help each other stretch

9. Sleep in your workout clothes to save on time.

A girl meditates in bed wearing a shirt that says "namastay in bed"

10. Make pre- and post-workout the most delicious part of your routine.

A woman enjoys a protein ball after a workout

11. Remember: Slow and steady wins the race.

A woman stands with a weight bar on her back

With delicious organic and plant protein options, keep going with Orgain to achieve your daily goals. You got this!

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