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10 Facts About Mouths That Will Make You Squirm

Your mouth can be a little ick. Clean it up with Orbit Gum.

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1. Every kiss swaps up to five million bacteria.

Who needs kissing, anyway?

2. The record for the most teeth ever present in one adult mouth at one time is 35.

Normal adult humans have 32.

3. When you sleep, saliva production nearly halts, which causes gross morning breath.

Basically, you can't stop it.

4. There are 100 million individual bacteria in a milliliter of spit...

5. ...and more than 600 different species.

6. Your salivary glands can make up to two liters of saliva per day.

That's a soda bottle of spit.

7. The longest string to be inserted in the nose and pulled out of the mouth in under a minute is 255' 2" long.

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8. A chemical in cabbage, broccoli, and brussels sprouts makes them taste bitter.

But only to the portion of the population who can taste PTC. Based on genetics, some people taste PTC as acutely bitter, while some people can't taste it at all.

9. A man in the U.K. holds the record for the most oysters eaten in three minutes.

Guess how many. Guess.



10. Chemicals in your spit can indicate how good you are at monogamous relationships.

"My saliva made me do it!" The connection is tied to the effect a stressful home life has on saliva composition.

Chewing sugar-free Orbit gum for 20 minutes after meals and snacks has been proven to help protect your teeth.

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