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10 Mistakes Everyone Has Made On A First Date

We've all been there.

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5. Having food stuck in your teeth.


A classic error. Your story about the time you saved 11 puppies from a burning school bus will go unnoticed if you have a giant hunk of steak stuck in your teeth.

6. Checking out other people.

Ben Rosen / Via BuzzFeed

This may be an unstoppable habit now, but just don't. It's quite obviously one of the worst things you could do on a first date (or any date, for that matter).

7. Seeing a depressing movie.

Ashley Baccam / Via BuzzFeed

Yeah, everyone loves Blue Valentine, but for the first date, try something uplifting and fun. You can't go wrong with a comedy!

10. Farting in front of your date.

Ben Rosen / Via BuzzFeed

Does this require explanation? Don't fart on your date... unless he/she is into that. If that's the case, then by all means, fart on your date.

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