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What Kind Of Volunteer You'll Be Based On Your Sign

The Big Event requires all sorts of signs. See what your sign says about your volunteer style!

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1. Aries

Passionate volunteer. As a fire sign, you're a natural leader in everything you do. Your gifts are fearless initiative and trendsetting. You're the first to grab the shovel/paintbrush and your friends will follow your lead.

2. Taurus

Stubborn volunteer. If wasn't your idea to volunteer in the first place it might have taken your friends a while to convince you. Luckily, you're loyal and committed. Now that you're here, you're not going to stop until your job is done.

3. Gemini

Communicative volunteer. You're a curious air sign who wants to know everything that's going on. You know how to talk someone's ear off, so you have no problem voicing what needs to get done and how.

4. Cancer

Empathetic volunteer. Your'e a sensitive water sign that loves to help those in need. You get a lot of joy in taking care of your loved ones, and you're quick to come to the rescue when someone asks for your help.

5. Leo

Loud volunteer. You're a fire sign who loves to be the center of attention! You're cracking jokes left and right and insisting on trading jobs with anyone who looks like they're having more fun than you. You somehow made it into 7 instagrams and 15 snapchat stories.

6. Virgo

Organized volunteer. Your'e holding the checklist of everything that needs to be done and giving dirty looks to those who are getting off-task. You want things done your way because you know it's the best way.

7. Libra

Fun volunteer. You're a fun-loving air sign. You're laughing, taking snapchats, and insisting on a job that doesn't get you too dirty. You're here to make sure everyone has fun and avoids conflict.

8. Scorpio

Fierce volunteer. You're an intense water sign who cannot be messed with. Secretly you know you're the best there is, which is why you felt the need to come out and support.

9. Sagittarius

Optimistic volunteer. You're a positive fire sign that's always moving forward. You know from the start that you'll get the job done. You're moving from person to person spreading good vibes and encouragement.

10. Capricorn

Reliable volunteer. You're a grounded earth sign that means business. You did not come to mess around or get distracted, there's a job to get done. You lead by example, quickly/quietly doing your part and out-working the rest of the group.

11. Aquarius

Quirky volunteer. You showed up in vintage overalls with a boom box on your shoulder. You're painting/cleaning in the opposite direction as everyone else because it "just felt right". 

12. Pisces

Creative volunteer. Everyone wants to know what your ideas are because you always pay attention to detail. You're putting the final touch on every project and making sure it's the best it can be.

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