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Top 6 Books For Mother's Day - Editors' Picks

Mother's Day is coming up in a few weeks, so we decided to choose our top 6 favorite books about moms!

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"Cookies Full of Love" by Brock Schreiber

A little girl bakes cookies for her mom, but these are no ordinary cookies. With each bite her mom feels the warmth of the sun and the soft caress of fluffy clouds. 

Find "Cookies Full of Love on Amazon" here.

"¿Quién es? Who's That?" by Marla Larsson Perfect

This bilingual English/Spanish book is about a girl who learns about her family while looking at a photo album with her mom and discovers that she has the same qualities as her relatives. 

Find "¿Quién es? Who's That?" on Amazon here

"Outnumbered Mom: Outrageous Stories of My Three Sons" by Sarah Myers

Raising boys is certainly not for the faint of heart as most say.  Boy moms are a whole different breed. Read this hilarious book from a mom with three sons and zero daughters and the crazy things that go on in their family.

Find "Outnumbered Mom" on Amazon here

"Grandma's Cottage" by Linda Suminski

Join this little boy as he visits his grandma at her cottage over the summer. To anyone who has heard the loon call on a summer eve, picked berries abuzz with bees, or sunk toes into cool, mossy wonder at a cottage in the woods, this delightful book will touch your heart, warm your memories, and take you back to a magical time.

Find "Grandma's Cottage" on Amazon here

"Simpatico: A Collection of Love Letters to My Mother" by Joan Parsons Kuraitis

Thirty years since the death of her dear mother, Kuraitis writes the story of their lives, and the strong unbreakable bond they shared. As a final tribute to the only woman she will ever call Mom, Kuraitis lovingly describes their journey with honesty, humor, and devotion. It’s a true mother-daughter relationship that endures the test of time.

Find "Simpatico" on Amazon here.

"Oh, the Places You'll Pump!" by Jennifer Marsch and Stephanie Trevino

A great gift for new moms, "Oh, the Places You'll Pump!" motivates moms to use their pumps to achieve their breastfeeding goals-and does so with a humor and lightness you'd expect from mamas who have been there. This delightful journey through the world of pumping is paired with additional space for recording Mom and Baby's breastfeeding milestones-making it the ultimate keepsake for any new mama!

Find Oh, the Places You'll Pump on Amazon here

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