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13 Incredible Motorcycle GIFs (You Should Probably Never Try At Home)

People do crazy things on motorbikes. Crazy cool things. Catch more incredible motorcycles on Orange County Choppers, Saturdays at 9/8c on CMT.

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1. Texting and driving never looked easier.

2. Just a casual backflip to start the run.

3. Your motorcycle can also cook your dinner.


4. A real-life Matrix moment.

5. Wheelies: fun for the whole family.

6. Handstands are hard. Especially on the back of a moving sports bike.

7. You know you're moving fast when the lift component causes you to involuntarily take flight.

8. Nothing to see here, just an insane 180 degree turn.

9. Standing, backwards, on the freeway.

10. Oh, you can stand on your moving bike? That's cute. But can you then fire a pistol into the air?

_C_A_T_ / Via

11. I used to be so busy doing wheelies that I never had time to work out. Then one day I realized I could just multitask.

12. High-octane romance.

13. Nothing is impossible — when riding a motocross bike.