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13 Ingenious Ways To Repurpose Everyday Things

Get fancy and start upcycling. This is rubbish that makes you say YES!

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2. Melt down your dad's records and turn them into bowls.

Karen Mardahl (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: kmardahl

Then put chips in the bowls, and eat the chips while you listen to those records on iTunes because this is the future.

5. You can use your empty sunscreen bottle to hide valuables on the beach.


If the opening isn't big enough to accommodate things, just slice an opening down the back of the bottle. You are now a genius.

7. Your old suitcase can be refashioned into a speaker box.

Basically, don't throw away anything. And you know what else? Don't pay for the days you don't use your prepaid phone!

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