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5 People Tell Us About The Time Someone Changed The Trajectory Of Their Life

It only takes one person to change a life. For many foster youths, you can be that impact by donating to Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services. It helps children in or at risk of foster care achieve bright futures with mental health counseling, emergency shelter and residential care programs, foster family and adoption homes, education and career advocacy, and supportive housing.

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1. An inspiring woman empowered me to advocate for my child.

2. A mentor helped my friend through his depression.

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3. My team leader was an important mentor in my life.

4. My cheerleading coach helped me to become a leader.

5. My boss taught me to prioritize my family over work.

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Now, you can have an impact on someone else. You can help by fostering and donating. And if you are local, you can volunteer or mentor. Help give young people hope for their future. For more ways to get involved, go to

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