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11 People Doing Things Their Way And Killing It

A little inspiration in GIF form, brought to you by Open Universities Australia.

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1. This woman kicking goals: / Via

Watch this again but focus on the dude in the background. Intimidated.

2. This fine sir just going after what he wants: / Via

You do it little guy, you go and chase that sunshine.

3. This guy who just wants to become a cat bus: / Via

Everyone's winning. The guy lives his dream; the cat gets a free ride.

4. This man who decided he'd rather fly instead of walk to work today:

Courtesy of Dan Haack

Taking a flying selfie too. That's skill.

5. This lady doing the ol' "'bout to take my bra off after a long-ass day" dance:

BuzzFeed Violet / Via


6. This baby saying NOPE to gravity:


If there were judges their score cards would read 10 obv.

7. This elephant that actually wants to be the next football icon:



8. This girl who has made getting into bed a new sport:

Facebook: video / Via

Why just go to bed when you can flip into bed?

9. These grandmas proving you're never too old to turn up: / Via

Dance like nobody is watching isn't a's a way of life.

10. This cat just trying reach the highest level and its true potential:


So focused.

11. This guy who is the king of the danger multitasking: / Via

If he can do this you can do anything.

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