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11 Different Types Of Uni Students You Know Summed Up With GIFs

Don't have the right words to describe the best way you like to study? Why not try GIFs?

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1. The Crammer / Via

What they're known for: Waiting until the last minute to research and study a whole semester's worth of material.

Why we love them:
The fact you can actually cram a whole semester's worth of material into a two-day reading binge.

2. The Bare Minimum Reader


What they're known for: Figuring out exactly what bare bit of info they need to know.

Why we love them: Their sheer confidence in only reading a synopsis of a subject, story, or movie and being able to tell you "everything" about it.

3. The Bookworm

Film Arts Guild / Via

What they're known for: Their love of books, fiction, nonfiction, even reference. They'll read everything cover to cover.

Why we love them:
Need a book recommendation? They've got plenty.

4. The Distractor

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

What they're known for: Talking to or trying to talk to you even though you're wearing headphones.

Why we love them: They never take themselves too serious and are always there to lighten the mood.

5. The Mature Student / Via

What they're known for: Being badass and deciding to try something new.

Why we love them: They teach us to always question the norm by just deciding to become a mature student and that you should never stop learning.

9. The Multisubject Taker

Slamball / Via

What they're known for: Doubling up on the work so they can double up on the knowledge.

Why we love them: They show those who struggle with two items on a to-do list there's hope.

10. The Night Owl

BBC / Via

What they're known for: Up all night sucked into a vortex of study and Netflix.

Why we love them: When you call them at 3am crying for help because you left an assignment to the last minute, they're calm AF. Because they're always up!

11. The Business Runner

Columbia Pictures / Via

What they're known for: Running an awesome business while juggling work, study, three kids, and making sure the dog has been taken for a walk.

Why we love them: For showing us what those motivational quotes from Instagram posts actually look like in real life.

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