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15 Ways Your Grandad's Generation Was Tougher Than You

Think you’re big? Try stacking up to the men of yesteryear – when being a tough guy was a full-time job. A blast from the past, brought to you by the Opel ADAM ROCKS: the toughest of them all.

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10. They would actually fix things instead of giving up and buying a new one.

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They'd have one pair of shoes, and if they broke they'd just be like, "Oh, they're not THAT broke," and sit them by the fire in an attempt to melt the broken sole back together. Ask your grandpa. He did this.

14. Tin baths were an actual thing and not just a movie prop that made you feel cold.

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Your grandad's generation had to fill them up bit by bit with warmed water from the stove. (That's even worse than realising you don't understand how someone's shower works after you've already taken your clothes off.)

Your grandad's generation was tougher than you, but Opel ADAM ROCKS is tougher than them.

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