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19 Animals Being Jerks

There’s no way around it – the animal kingdom is full of jerks. Presented by the Opel ADAM ROCKS – a small, tough car that doesn’t need to shout about it.

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1. This jerk was straight up textbook jerk. / Via

Sometimes, they're not so obvious.

2. The most blatantly jerky behaviour happens at the tops of ladders...

3. ...and the sides of ponds.


Jerks, the lot of 'em.

4. This cat wasn't sure if he could make it, and his jerk friend was like, "Sure you can." / Via

Yeah sure, no sweat.

5. Pets are like that jerky housemate you used to know...

6. ...moving all your stuff... / Via

That was there for a reason!

7. ...stealing your money...

8. ...eating all your food...

9. ...using all your stuff when you're not home...

10. ...interfering with your workout.

11. And this. You're just trying to watch TV, and they're like:

12. This guy's an adorable jerk. / Via

No work done tonight.

13. Some jerks just don't like glasses. / Via

What have you got against glasses, dude?

14. And who invited this goat?

15. This jerk probably did what everyone else just wanted to do.

16. This jerk too. / Via

We don't know what that tortoise said to deserve it.

17. Sometimes, when a jerk knocks you down, you just gotta get right back up.

18. To this fat jerk, the other seals say, "Thanks a bunch, mate."

19. Is there a jerkier GIF on the internet? We think not.

TexasGirly1979 / Via

You can be small and tough, but that doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it. See Opel's ADAM ROCKS for proof.

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