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You Have A Project And Dont Know How You Can Find Investor?

We hope this help you for your business. http://www.OOOMS.ORG more than just a website, Let us Help you achieve success! We are a Powerful tool to advertise and promote your products and services. There are also opportunities for finding the right investor for your expansion or joint venture projects. ITS FREE FAQ Q: Is this website FREE? A: Yes, HTTP://WWW.OOOMS.ORG is completely FREE. Q: Who has to be registered for use of the website? A: Investors and users who are advertising or using services advertised. Q: When does my adds expired? A:Classified adds expired in ONE MONTH and you can renew it. For everything else in ONE YEAR Q: Who is qualified for Investor consideration? A: All Manufacturers,Farmers or Joint Venture Opportunities(Projects) who submit their information in the Manufactures and Investors sections. Why HTTP://WWW.OOOMS.ORG? For service providers: We offer you an opportunity to promote and grow your business. You can post FREE CLASSIFIEDS and most importantly we can facilitate exposure of your business to potential investors. For Costumers: We present a comprehensive list of service providers and also give you an opportunity to post your own NON SERVICE FREE CLASSIFIEDS.

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