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11 Adrenaline-Fueled Ways To Tour Northern Ontario's Backcountry

Up for a wild ride? Discover extreme adventure of all kinds with a visit to the stunning, off-the-beaten path landscapes of Northern Ontario. Explore the possibilities.

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3. Zip-line or traverse high above the ground in Dorion.

Courtesy of Goh Iromoto

Hold on tight as you plunge from a height of 175 feet on Canada’s longest, highest, and fastest zip line at Dorion near Thunder Bay. It’s also home to Canada’s longest foot suspension bridge — two great ways to see the lay of the land.

4. Break out some sturdy hiking boots in Lake Superior Provincial Park.

Courtesy of G. Briand

The coastal trail of Lake Superior Provincial Park is not for the faint-of-heart hiker! You'll take on cliffs and rocky outcrops while looking upon the shores of the largest lake in the world.

5. Rev your ATV engine on park-to-park trails.

Courtesy of Ontario Tourism

From the challenging terrain of Killbear and the Algonquin System to Parry Sound, the Almaguin Highlands, and Muskoka, Northern Ontario is home to 230 km of interconnected park-to-park trails.

6. Hit the whitewater of the Agawa River.

Courtesy of Ontario Tourism

A scenic tour of Northern Ontario’s stunning backcountry isn’t complete without a little whitewater to get your blood pumping. Let the Agawa River’s current carry you past lush boreal forests, majestic mountain peaks, and mesmerizing vistas.

7. Angle in Northeastern Ontario.

Courtesy of Ontario Tourism

Nothing compares to the thrill of feeling that pull of a monster fish on your line! In this picturesque region, yard-long northern pike, muskie, and bass are just a cast away.

9. Paddle on the epic Lake of the Woods.

Courtesy of Ontario Tourism

With over 14,000 islands, Lake of the Woods offers virtually unlimited opportunities for exploration and discovery. Paddle across this expansive body of water and find your happy place while getting that heart rate up.

10. Twist and turn your way through Northern Ontario's scenic back roads.

Courtesy of Ontario Tourism

Hit the open road on an epic biking adventure as the natural beauty of the region's trees, beaches, and more unfolds around you.

11. And raft the Oxtongue River.

Courtesy of Ontario Tourism

Adventurous river runners flock to the churning waters of the Oxtongue River (just outside Algonquin Provincial Park) for a thrill ride like no other. Strap on your life jacket, grab a paddle, and hold onto your seat as you fly down rolling rapids. You don't get much more hardcore than that. 👊