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16 Images Guaranteed To Make Your Eyes Go (@__@)

The internet is full of cool things to stare at.

1. This airplane propeller.

2. This...whoa.

3. This living, breathing utility pole.

4. This couple in an Ames Room.

5. This mind-bending 3D chalk art by Edgar Müller.

6. This never-ending drawer.

7. These pink dots that disappear when you stare at the black cross in the center.

8. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.

9. Dude wtf.

10. The rotating-mask illusion.

11. This trippy work of art by Regina Silveira.

12. This flexible paper sculpture.

13. This dude who took a 360-degree photo.

14. This train that moves into or out of the tunnel, depending on which direction your mind decides it should go.

15. This water-refraction experiment.

16. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.

Do your eyes hurt yet? Screen-induced eyestrain is a real thing that affects everyone. So stop staring and go get your eyes checked by an optometrist. It's easy, painless, and your eyes will totally thank you for it.