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The 3 Types Of Guys In Washington, DC (Part 3)

Men in Washington DC fall into 3 categories: The Trust Fund Baby(TFB), The Self Made Tycoon(SMT), and The Just Getting By Guy(JGBG). In this article, I will explain how SMT’s operate.

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First, let’s look at the approach that the SMT will take when purchasing a gift. More often than not, men who are self made (i.e. men who have worked hard for every penny they’ve produced) will be more discriminating and selective about what they purchase, especially if it is expensive.

As such, this guy will research an item for weeks, before biting the bullet; because he wants to make sure he’s buying the best make or model for the best deal. And he won’t allow himself to be slighted in a business deal.

As such, a SMT will not fancy a woman who cares more about her new purse than her new man. This is because women who are overly impressed by expense accounts do not understand the process of rendering the best, and most logical business deal, on a given purchase.

Women who are after money don’t make rational or realistic decisions when it comes to spending money (something that the SMT prides himself on).

Therefore, the SMT already knows he’ll have too many cards stacked against him if he goes after this type of girl.

Subsequently, the SMT wants to buy his lady nice things, and he won’t settle for anything less than perfect for her. His presents might not be frequent, but they will always be a home run. This type of man won’t just buy anything, he’ll purchase the one major thing that you truly need and have wanted for a long time. Then he’ll surprise you with it when you least expect it. Therefore, the woman he dates needs to be patient.

Further, the SMT needs a woman who can plant the seed “honey, I need a new Garmin, since my old one just broke.”

Once the seed is planted, this guy will begin his process of researching, making comparisons, testing it out and, finally, checking to make sure there isn’t anything similar on the market that might be better. After exhausting all research options, and after he has rationalized the cost vs. reward component, he will make the purchase.

When he actually makes the purchase he’ll feel on top of the world because he knows that he got the best possible item on the market for his girl. He’s happy and his girl is happy. Mission accomplished.

As you can tell, this guy won’t make impulse buys, but he’ll make good buys. You would never have to worry about this guy going to the store and aimlessly buying something, like a 72 inch flat screen which won’t fit anywhere in the house (with his rationale being “it was calling my name” or “all of my buddies have one” - yeah right).

Similar to making a purchase, the SMT will choose his lady very carefully. He’ll ask himself “what is the cost vs. reward ratio for pursuing this relationship?”

Now, you can assume that this man is very involved with his work. How else did he get where he is today?

Therefore, dating a new girl is risky territory for him. Understand that this guy is not worried about losing his bachelor freedom (like some men); he forgot all about that nonsense a long time ago when he was too busy moving ahead.

What he is worried about though, is how a new relationship might impact his work productivity. This guy wants to make sure that his girl doesn’t interfere with his constant success.

Thus, when he comes across a woman whom he is truly interested in, he will take his time and do his research before diving in. He’ll begin by asking himself “is this girl the real deal or is she just jerking my chain?”

To get his answer, he will first ask her to go out in a big group; with both his friends and her friends. Why does he do this? Well, because he wants to see how she interacts with her friends and how she mingles with his friends. This guy wants to observe her to find out if she is truly who she says she is.

If you have ever been the girl in this situation, you probably asked yourself “why doesn’t he want to take me out alone?” “Is he into me or is he more eager to meet my friends?” “What’s the deal here?” Well, the deal is that if he is watching you and paying attention to you, the whole time you are out together, then he’s doing research on you.

It means he is definitely interested, but he wants to make sure you’re a genuine catch.

Afterwards, if the SMT feels like you are sincerely interested in him, then he’ll ask you out on an actual date, alone.

At this point, the SMT is in the beginning stages of making a commitment to the you (which is a real milestone because, as I said, SMT’s (and all men really) think that commitment is very dangerous for their ego). If he gets attached, and she breaks his heart, then this could effect his functioning and focus at work.

Subsequently, when you’re finally on your ‘alone’ date together, this guy will still be on guard, and he’ll be somewhat skeptical and unsure about whether you’re truly interested in him. He wants and needs to be reassured that you like him. Therefore, in order to show a man that you truly like him, all you need to do is:

1.) Ask him questions

2.) Smile

3.) Laugh, a lot

As a result, he’ll feel confident that you are at least crushing on him. This guy is taking a risk with dating you and, as such, he needs to be completely convinced that you are serious, and not just a tease, before he invests his time in you.

Furthermore, the SMT’s work and social time is tight, so he doesn’t waste time, therefore, he won’t play games with you. If he’s serious about you then he’ll make it blatantly clear, and he’ll lay everything out on the table. In his mind, the earlier he lays everything out, the faster you can determine if he is the right guy for you.

Lastly, if he has asked you out on three dates (in a fairly short time frame), then he wants to be exclusive. This is when you need to decide if this is a relationship you want to go forward with. If you are attracted to this guy and if you have chemistry together, then you have hit the jackpot because this guy is solid.

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