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10 Tips To Shrink Your Energy Bill With No Loss Of Comfort

Electric bill getting a little too high for comfort? Turn the knob on these energy-saving tips to go green and save some moola.

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1. DIY Energy Audit

Some energy providers offer a free home energy audit to their customers. If your company doesn't, you can always DIY the audit. You'll find issues where you can easily trim your energy usage.

2. Kill the Electricity Phantom

Did you know that almost anything in your home with an external power supply, remote control, or continuous display consumes 75% of their energy when turned off? The simple solution is to plug all your TVs, VCRS, kitchen appliances, etc into power strips, then turn off the power strip when they're not in use.

3. Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans circulate air in a room to create a draft throughout. This draft creates a wind chill effect which means your air conditioner won't have to work so hard. Check here for Energy Star's most efficient ceiling fans.

4. Dimmer Switches!

Dimmer switches allow you to only use as much light as you need. They work throughout your home to help manage consumption and ultimately lower your electricity bills.

5. Capitalize on Off-Peak Rates

Some cities and electricity providers offer cheaper rates during off-peak hours. If yours does, make sure to wash laundry, run the dishwasher, and heat water during those hours. Some electric companies offer nights-free plans in place of off-peak hours.

6. Fill Up Your Fridge and Freeze

Food acts as insulation. The cold food acts as insulation and decreases the time the fridge has to run and stay cool. If you don't have much food for your freezer, freeze jugs of water.

7. Energy Efficient Lighting

Quality LED light bulbs use at least 20-80% less energy and can last 3-25 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. Switch out your most used bulbs right away then replace the rest as they burn out.

8. Line Dry Those Clothes

Instead of cranking up that drying machine, let mother nature do her work and dry the laundry for you. Set up a clothesline, a drying rack, or shower rod and save some energy!

9. Block the Sun

Closing curtains and blinds on the sunny side of your home will cut down air conditioning use. Want to save even more energy? Install tinted window film to keep the heat out even more.

10. Turn off Heat Dry Mode on your Dishwasher

Most of the energy your dishwasher consumes goes to heating water. Minimize the energy drain by simply turning off the heat dry feature.

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