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Drop What You're Doing And Re-Watch These Early 2000's Reality Shows R N

Rock of Love, anyone?

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2. I Love New York


Tiffany Pollard of "Flavor Of Love" eventually got her own spin-off for being so insane. Actually, she got about a million spin offs: New York Goes To Work, New York Goes to Hollywood, and Celebrity Big Brother.

6. Daisy of Love


Daisy was a runner up on Rock of Love, and ended up getting her own TV show, where all her suitors looked like they were picked up from an open mic at a TGIFridays. Pictured here are 3 Swedish pop stars who vied for Daisy's love...together. Side note: half the guys on this season had girlfriends at home and Daisy did notttttt care. Also, lots of cringe worthy guitar ballades.

7. Till Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave

Us Weekly

Watch the Hot Topic version of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson--Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra--plan for their wedding. By 2006, they were divorced.

9. Flavor of Love: Charm School


Mo'Nique takes girls from Flavor of Love and teaches them class and etiquette. Winner gets 50K. I may or may not have cried several times during season one. It's emotional!

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