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11 Photos That Make You Want To Travel To Middle Earth. (New Zealand).

Thanks to the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit films, Middle Earth is a real place now. Explore a country that really is a natural wonderland. These 11 photos will have you booking your flight down under and getting lost amongst the Hobbits in the Land of The Long White Cloud.

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1. Bobs Cove, Queenstown.

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Yes the water really is that blue. A short drive out of the Adventure Capital, Queenstown and you'll be in Bobs Cove. Take an easy hike up to the top to score epic views of Lake Wakatipu and Bobs Cove itself.

2. Nugget Point.

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If isolation is your thing. Then Nugget Point is the spot to go. Epic views of the light house and out to the Tasman Sea. Deep blue water and a bunch of fur seals on the rocks.

3. Roys Peak, Wanaka.

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There are more than 1000 awesome hikes to be done in New Zealand including 9 Great Walks that are so popular it's hard to book a hut for the night. But if you're into day hikes then Roys Peak is a must. 6 hours return with epic views over Lake Wanaka.

4. The Catlins.

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Down the east coast of the South Island you'll get to see a lot of wicked scenery with not a lot of tourists. It's tricky to get to unless you have your own vehicle so it tends to scare the bus touring tourists off (which is why we love it). The Catlins is epic for a weekend getaway with wicked waves and chill vibes.

6. Lake Alta, Queenstown.

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Alpine lakes are scattered all over the place in Queenstown. Unfortunately most are only accessible by helicopter. Lucky for the adventurous type, you can take a hike up a mountain and find this wicked spot with no one around.

8. Hot Water Beach, Coromandel.

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New Zealand is an island, of course, which means it has plenty of wicked golden and black sandy beaches. One beach in particular, you can dig a hole until you reach the water and it will be hot. Creating a natural hot tub for you to bathe in.

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