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23 Times Shithead Had All The Answers To All Your Problems

The face that defined 2010's advice is timeless. TIMELESS.

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1. When they say "I love you" first.

2. When happy hour ended at 6.

3. When someone asked you where your patience was.

4. When you're asked if you're Asian.

5. When you WebMD.

6. When bae asks for head.

7. When you're asked you if you downloaded "Songs of Innocence."

8. When family asks about your sexual orientation.

9. When you're asked why you do the things you do.

10. When you were asked to seek in Hide and Seek.

11. When you had to shower in gym class.

12. When someone asks what you did this weekend.

13. When bae asks for head again.

14. When you have to list your qualifications in an interview.

15. When your parents are talking to you.

16. When they tell you not to lean back in your chair.

17. When bae asks for head.

18. When someone hiccups.

19. When your friend wants to know why all the boys want a piece.

20. When you gotta tinkle but bae is sleeping.

21. When it comes to sex.

22. When someone want to get to know you.

23. When a thot overhears your joke and starts laughing like she was a part of it or something.


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