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    Five Young Female Fashion Bloggers To Follow For Style Inspiration

    The birth of digital age means we don't have to go window shopping to find fashion inspiration again. There are now thousands (if not millions) of fabulous blogs and sites where you could keep track of your outfit ideas. Below are five of young female fashion bloggers you should be following now for style inspiration.

    Aleali May


    Aleali May is a 24 year old fashion blogger with experience in image consulting. She began her fashion career at the age of 17. She is known for her penchant for high-end streetwear and sportswear that captures the perfect blend of genres. She regularly showcase her personal style and share her experiences in fashion through her self-titles blog.

    Urszula Makowska

    Urszula Makowska is a 22 year old New York based fashion blogger. She started her fashion when she launched her fashion blog at the age of 17 in 2012. She used the blog as a platform to share her style and passion for fashion with others. She works as a stylist and actress. She has been featured in movies and TV shows including MTV's show Catfish.

    Justina Sharp

    Justina Sharp is a 19 year old fashion blogger from Sacramento (CA). She launched her fashion blog, A Bent Piece Of Wire, in 2011 at the age of 13. She has written on fashion related topics on Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and a number of other high profile websites. She has over 38k followers on Instagram where she described herself as “your local friendly fashion blogger”.

    Rachel Parcell

    Rachel Parcell is the 26-year- old woman behind one of the most successful fashion and lifestyle blogs, Pink Peonies. In 2010, she started the blog as a journal for cataloging her wedding experience. Overtime, the blog has become a creative outlet where she share her personal style though daily outfits, beauty tips, home style, e.t.c. Rachel has almost one million followers on her Instagram.

    Janelle Marie Lloyd

    Janelle Marie Lloyd is an Atlanta-borned seasoned fashion professional-turned-blogger. She started blogging on fashion together with her sister, Jessica, under the brand name “Girls Off Fifth” in 2012. She is now the brain behind the popular where she share her own personal style, travels, and love of interiors.

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